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Prince Tagoe reveals excessive use of ‘juju’ in Black Stars

38738020Ex-Ghana striker Prince Tagoe claims there is an excessive use of black magic ‘juju’ among Black Stars players, aimed at destroying each other for international recognition.

The former Hearts of Oak star claims several players are indulged in the dastardly act aimed at outwitting each other.

The ex-Hoffenheim, Kelantan FA and Club Africain attacker made the startling revelation during an interview with King Lagazee on Hitz 103.9 FM in Accra.

Tagoe, currently unattached is the latest high profile ex-Ghana star to have made the damning revelation about the widespread use of black magic ‘juju’ in the national team.

He claims several players endure nightmares due to rituals with several prayer sessions being used a smokescreen.

“People don’t sleep, they can’t even sleep,but in the public, they will give you all the good smile, chilling and everything,” he said on Hitz FM

“But when they go to their rooms, it’ s a different thing.

“When you are smart, you don’t follow what people say but you remain careful.

“I am very honest. Let me tell you something, whenever we have a game and we have to pray, we all pray to one God, but each and everyone has their personal issue with somebody.

“If people can sleep and have nightmare and mention names,that is earthly world.

“People have their differences. To be very honest, when I was there and Stephen Appiah was the captain, that was the best moment in my life.”

Superstitious Ghana players are believed to be handing fortunes to witchdoctors in a bid to earn a place in the Black Stars.

Top players, mostly based in Europe, continue to make trips to several African nations to visit Juju men with supposed supernatural powers.

They are taught bizarre rituals said to boost their skills or break the curse of an injury.

Former Ghana coach Goran Stevanovic passed a damning verdict in his 2012 post-Nations Cup report which revealed the over-reliance on black magic by his players.

The use of black magic is a damning indictment of the mindset of these professionals, who are mostly European base and are usually expected to believe in the ability of hardwork and the scientific process to achieve rewards on the field

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