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Promzy remembers Ronny Coaches, announces BP

21992858After several suggestions and speculations, former member of VIP Promzy has been able to team up with Bright of Buk Bak,forming a new music group by the name B.P.

The group name B.P is simply an acronym which stands for Bright and Promzy, we’re informed.

Confirming their new status, Promzy remembered the late Ronny Coaches who would have been celebrating his birthday today, asking for his blessings, as he wrote the following on Facebook;

Today is exactly his birthday and as the tradition goes..B..P..can’t start this journey without asking him for his blessings..HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SOULJAH…EVEN THO YOU NOT HERE WITH US IN FLESH..B..P..BELIEVE YOU ARE WITH US IN SPIRIT …we love you COACHES and your legacy will continue to reign as long as B..P exist..we started this together and we shall finish this on your behalf R.I.P RONNY…PROMZYAFRIKA. ..KURAAAAAA. .?#?B?..P 4LYFE”

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