Ghana Party in the Park – Family Fun Day

An annual family fun day event for the Ghanaian Community in the diaspora. Staged in London / UK since 2005 attracting visitors from UK, USA, Canada, Europe and Ghana.

Ghanaian and African music, spectacular costumes, Durbar of Chiefs, Cultural Dancers, Fashion Show, Football, Kids actives, arts and crafts stalls and of course the traditional freshly cooked Ghanaian or African food, this is probably Ghanaian’s most exciting annual festival event out side of Ghana.

Anyone who has been to Ghana Park in the Park events in the past knows that this is more about celebrating Ghana and African taking the time to enjoy the company of families and friends.

Those folks old enough to remember the good old days in Ghana, the phrase “Meet Me There” conjure up images of the good old days at Labadi Beach. In this modern Day they call it old school reunion with takes place at the Trade Fair site.

The Event & Attractions

Business or pleasure, this event presents a great opportunity, to sell or to buy, to promote and to network. For one day only guaranteed thousands of people that could potentially be your family member, friend or clients.Music | Food | Durbar of Chiefs | Cultural Dancers | Live Performance | Comedy | Bouncy castle | Face painting | Fashion Show | Picnic | Art & Craft | Ludo |Football | Spar | Oware | Acrobatics | Networking | Dance Competition | Dj’s & Mc’s

crowd 3 crowd 2 Pa 3 Pa 4

The Food Court

There’s nothing quite like the smell of chi –chin ga. Okay kebabs. For a day you can almost forget you are in London, for you will not spot fish and chips anywhere. Kenkey and fish. Waakye, tilapia, banku and okro, gari foto, kelewele, bow float, kattie cake, condensed milk toffee and all the things the streets of Accra takes for granted.  For the brave at heart the cultural tent will have pounded fufu with a choice of amponchi kraka, abenqui. Traditional ampesi flavoured with kobi, and for those of you that remember the traditional Circle yam and choofi from a night out and have now substituted it for donor kebab, it is time to reunite your palates again, awaken your smell of good food. For the English at heart, (Sermo) in the absence of English food, jollof will come a close second. Although tea will not be present other ‘hot drinks’ will be served and you might get a whiff of Apioo or its half-caste friend Mandigo. For the under age masketela or Álvaro will reach the sides Tango can’t touch.

Food 1Food 1

Durbar of Chiefs Display:

This is a cultural display by chiefs to uphold the rich heritage and culture in the Ghanaian community. Beautifully adorned queens and chiefs, and their elders appear in a public procession amidst drumming, singing, and dancing. They process under ceremonial umbrellas of brilliant colours and they also dress up in colourful attires with the finest golden ornaments.Such ceremonies rekindle the chiefs bond to the people, revive unity, cleanse the society, and pray for the welfare of the people.  At their destination the chief and queen sit in state flanked by their elders, as sound and motion continue around them. Guests then extend greetings.

Cheifs 4 Cheifs 3 Cheifs 2 Cheifs 1

 Cultural Dancing:

This enlightens the crowd about the various types of dance in the Ghanaian culture. It serves as a way of educating people about the traditions of Ghana as well. A display by a dance troupe is showcased on the day and members of the audience are invited to join in or are taught a few steps. It basically creates awareness about the Ghanaian culture especially for Ghanaian who were born and bred abroad.

IMG-20140807-WA016 Dancers 2 Dancers 3 Dancers 5

 Fashion shows:

This creates a platform for upcoming designers to showcase their talent. It also highlights some of the latest designs with an influence from the Ghanaian/African culture.

Fashion show 3 Fashion show 2 Fashion show 1Fashion show 4Fashion

 Kid’s Zone:

This a play area allotted to kids under adult supervision. The various activities available are face painting, console games, bouncy castles and a lot more. This area serves as a platform for socialisation for the kids as well as their parents and it also enables the parents to indulge in the various activities going on in the park without a worry about their kid’s safety.

Kids 2 Kids 3 IMG_0422 Kids 1

 The People

Think of the rich cultural and colourful images of Ghana, stylish, traditional, outlandish costumes, familiar faces and dancing to a favourite music, inevitably spring to mind.  The show park where the event is being held extends over 10 acres of lush greenery lined with large beautiful trees making it every bit the show ground that it is. Flanked by visitors jostling to get a hold of “an old Mate” they see in the crowd. The show is not just for adults, children and teenagers equally represent in their numbers. The children play ground a delight for every child, with a giant bouncy castle, face, painting, balloons, competitions, ice cream and candy. For teenagers going through that phase of no longer a child not yet an adult, its an opportunity to safely ditch the parent, socialize, hang out with other live wires and share the experience on ‘my space’ at the earliest opportunity with photos to back the gossip. This is an event that has no age barriers.